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Porntip Iyimapun

CEO, Leadership Consultant, and Speaker

Porntip Iyimapun

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Author of

Thank God It's Recession!

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Porntip provides world-class solutions, shows clients how to implement change, and leads the way to improving overall organizational effectiveness.

Khun Porntip is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of PacRim Group—a leading consulting firm in Thailand. Porntip established PacRim in 1992 to provide a wide range of Human Resources services, including training and development, consulting, assessment, and recruitment. It was the first workforce recruitment company in Thailand.

In 2000, she became the exclusive licensee of FranklinCovey in Thailand. Porntip has 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur in leading a premier consulting firm. In 1998, she received the "Thailand Business Woman of the Year" award in the HRD. Porntip is certified as an Executive Coach through FranklinCovey and Columbia University and she is a senior consultant and master trainer for most of PacRim"s leadership development programs.

Porntip also coaches executives and senior leaders to achieve transformational and sustainable success by strengthening their leadership credibility; creating shared mission, vision, and values; formulating clear strategic direction; institutionalizing focus and execution; building hightrust cultures; and unleashing people"s potential. Her key clients are the leaders in Thailand"s banking and finance, pharmaceutical, oil and gas telecommunications, and electronics sectors.


  • B.A., Business Administration, ABAC
  • M.B.A, Asian Institute of Management
  • Asian Development Bank scholar
  • Officer, Federation of AIM Alumni
  • Founder and CEO, PacRim Leadership Center
  • Managing Director, PacRim Group
  • Senior Consultant and Master Trainer, PacRim
  • Executive Coach, FranklinCovey

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